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Last Card Rules

The "Official" Rules For Last Card

The game is played with at least one full deck of cards depending on the number of people involved. The game may require up to 4 or 5 decks if played with enough people.
There are specialized cards which do various things.
Ace - changes the suit to anything the person wants. An ace can be played on any suit. (Ex. A Ace of hearts can be played on a 4 of spades. This is the only card that can be played in this fashion).
5 - A 5 means the next player will have to draw 5 cards unless he has a 5 card of his own. In that case the next person would have to draw 10 cards and if that person has a 5 then the next person in line would have to draw 15 cards and it keeps progressing this way.
2 - Same rules as a 5 except of 5 cards being drawn it is only 2.
10 - A 10 card skips the next person.
7 - A 7 card reverses the order of play. If play has been advancing around the table in a clockwise motion and a 7 card is played then the play will resume in a counter-clockwise motion.
Those are all the specialized cards and now lets get on to the rules of the game.
The deck(s) is shuffled and each played recieves 5 cards. The dealer decides which way the play will commence (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and flips over the top card. Play can not start on a special card "Ace, 2, 5, 7, or a 10." If a special card is flipped over then it is shuffled back into the deck and a new top card is drawn. 
Then the next person in line has to play a card with the same face value of the flipped over card or a card with the same suit. (Ex. A 6 of hearts is the top card. A player can play a 6 of another suit or any heart card). An Ace of any suit can also be played to change the suit. A person can only play once per turn unless they have multiples of a card. (Ex. If a player has 4 Kings they can lay down all 4 if they choose in one turn).
If a person can not play he is to draw the top card from the pile. Play commences this way until a person is down to one play. When this happens the person is to say "Last Card" to let the rest of the players know that he is one play away from winning. The player doesn't necessarily have to have only one card in his hand. (Ex. A player says "Last Card" if he has a pair of 6's in his hand).
When a person goes out it is the choice of the remaining players to finish the game or to end it right there. The person that won the game is the shuffler and dealer for the next game as well.