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1993 Eagle Talon ES

The Talon
This was Rick's first competition car. It was bought specifically for dB Drag. It was purchased in Januray of 2000 and was sold June 3rd 2002.
The Talon had many systems in it. For Spring Break Nationals 14 it only had a single 300x and a single Kove 15" in it. Then after the show the additional 300x and Kove was added.
Then most of the equipment was moved to the Ford EXP after Rick got into a crash that totalled the car. The car was in the shop for several months so we needed a new SPL car. That is when the EXP came into being.
For its last show in Rochester the car had a single Atomic Thunder 15" Shocker II running off of an Ample Audio A240. This was with a bottom of the line Panasonic deck.
The car was bought by Stephen Matthews in order to turn it into the SPL car that Rick never had a chance to fully accomplish.
There are not many pictures of the Talon with a complete system in it, but theses are the photos of the car just before it was trailored away to a better life.







Eclipse 5303r
Eclipse 5083
Audio Art 621 PX 6 1/2" components
Audio Art 693 SC 6x9's
Sony XEC 1000
(2) US Amps 100's
US Amps 150
(2) US Amps 300x's
(2) 15" Kove Armageddon Z's
Optima Yellow Top
Competition Results:
3/24/00 - Daytona Beach, FL - dB Drag SS 1-2 - 141.3
7/9/00 - Brodheadsville, PA - dB Drag SS 1-2 - 148.5
8/27/00 - Rochester, NY - dB Drag SS 1-2 - 141.7