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1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Eclipse
I am not going to say who's car it was since that is still up for debate. I will say that Matt Robinson had the first stereo in it. It consisted of a BOSS amp and a pair of borrowed JL Audio 10W0's that belonged to Carl. The headunit was just a plain and simple Sony. Eventually when the car got turned over to his brother Chris the stereo grew a little bit.
The stereo that was in there for the longest was the BOSS amp and a 15" Hifonics Atlas sub that belonged to Rick. It performed well enough for daily driving.
There were high hopes for the car in the 2000 dB Drag season. Unfortunately as you can see, the hopes were crashed. Chris was in an accident in the spring of 2000, before any work could be done to the car. The car sadly never made it to a single show.
The car was totalled and would never see the road again. We will not forget.



Sony CD Player
15" Hifonics Atlas
4^3 Box Tuned To 45 Hz
BOSS Rev 465
Stock 3" Front Speakers
Jensen 6x9 Rear Speakers
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