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Fort Drum 2002

On June 22nd for the third straight year Terry Floyd and SoundOff Technologies hosted an IASCA event on Fort Drum. As always it was a great show! Terry Floyd was kind enough to give me the places where everyone finished, but he did not have thir scores available at this time. Also thanks to Terry for the pics.
Novice 1-600
1. John Scott
2. Min Ho Lee
3. Gerald Wratten
4. Mike Christine
Novice 601+
1. Marlon Swaby
2. Andrew Spurlock
3. Blanco Mendez
4. Juan Aponte
5. Robert Norton
Pro Street 1-600
1. Gary Sentell
Pro Street 601+
1. Cory Allen
Stock 1-160
1. Robert Norton
2. Mike Christine
Stock 161-260
1. Stephen Bice
2. Dustin Peetes
3. Russell Williams
4. Mel Foster
5. Chris Kiper
6. Juan Aponte
7. Min Ho Lee
Stock 261-360
1. John Acott
2. John Perry
3. Blanco Mendez
4. Langston Harris
Stock 361-720
1. Andrew Spurlock
2. Chris Heflin
Advanced 1-360
1. Craig Martin