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Team Origin
The team has been around loosely since the 2000 season but was officially founded by Rick & Chris in the summer of 2001. The intention was to raise awareness and help promote the shop Speed Of Sound.
Team Officers
Promoter - Rick Keeney
President - Chris Robinson
Vice President - Mike Becher

Rules of Team Speed Of Sound
Rules to get in:
1. System must have quality aftermarket sound products.
2. Must be approved by at least 50% of the team.
3. It is not required, but a major plus if you are registered in one or more competition organizations.
Rules to abide by once in:
1.  Sportsmanship
2.  Promote your products
3.  Promote your organization(s)
4.  Promote the industry
6.  Make an effort to operate system in a non-obtrusive manner.
7.  Respect rights of others
8.  Vehicle open
9.  Willingness to talk to people
10. Willingness to help others
11. Have fun