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History Of Speed of Sound

Custom Audio Works
We will begin our journey back when I first got interested in car audio. This was back in the summer of 1997. The main shops in Watertown were Custom Audio Works, Happy Ear, Big Apple, and Audio Junction. All but Custom was within a two block radius of each other. Custom was located out of town, WAY out of town on outer Washington Street.
Custom Audio was owned by Doug Fudala, a MECP Master Installer. The two main installers that worked there were Brad Nowitski and Mike Davis. Other installers came and went, but these two were the main stay on Custom.
Custom Audio was the "high end" shop of Watertown. They carried such brand names as US Amps, Mmats, Hart Professional, Cerwin Vega, USD Audio, Linear Power, Kove, Nakamichi, Blade Audio, and Audio Art.
Then in 1998 Mike then got a chance to break away from the main Custom Audio shop and start another branch of Custom Audio on Fort Drum army base. He shared a space with Ziebart Tidy Car at AAFES plaza and still has that shop to this day.
The Audio Wizard
Unfortunately a year after he started his own shop the main Custom Audio shut its doors for good. Their building on outer Washington would remain empty until 2001 when it opened up as a used car dealership. With the closing Mike continued on under a new name, thus The Audio Wizard was born.
Business was decent, but nothing great. In the winter of 1999 Mike decided to attend SUNY Potsdam to further his education. The shop suffered greatly since he had to commute to and from Potsdam to Fort Drum to work. The shop survived and began to thrive the next spring.
Speed Of Sound
Things were going good and then in November 2001 Mike opened a new shop in West Carthage. With the addition of a shop came another new name change. Speed of Sound was born! With the name change, Team Audio Wizards became Team Speed Of Sound to match.
So that is a very quick overview from past to present. Hopefully I will be able to find some old Custom Audio installation pics as well as some Speed of Sound pics. Remember, the address and phone number for Custom Audio is old and not in service anymore.  
Custom Audio Works
17754 US Rte. 11
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 786-3058
Original Team Members
This photo was taken at the Clayton show in 2000. Rick is sitting on the very left in a seat from the EXP. Chris is sitting to the right of him at the table. Carl is in his North Carolina jersey and a friend Matt Roden sits on the extreme right. Matt was not a part of the team but he helped out at the show. The EXP with the team motto "Foqing Nutz" clearly visible in the background. To the right is the side of Rick's old Talon also.