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We encourage you to contact any of our members if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a part of our organization.
You may reach us various ways:

Mike Becher
Phone: (315) 488-8141
AIM: Remnantfreak2000
Mike Davis
Phone:  (315) 493-2100 (shop)
Rick Keeney
Phone: (315) 788-9540
AIM: Peteyglad
Jim Kirk
Phone: (315) 639-4165 
Mitch LaBarge
Brennan McMahon
Phone: (315) 528-3235
AIM: Loud95mcz34
Brian Reape
Phone: (315) 639-3227
AIM: Clumsy2222

Chris Robinson
Phone: (315) 782-3348
AIM: Cerob
Robin Wainwright
Phone: (403) 277-1012
ICQ: 4559592
Josh White
AIM: Quinquatra
Carl Whiteford
Yahoo: Hotmalewants2blowyourmind2
Russell Williams
AIM: TempestAudio